Registered users:

Once a registered user has signed-up and selected the language our system stores this preference to his user profile. The system remembers this language selection. 

1. Should we send you email communication your language selection is used as your preference for us to communicate with you

2. This selection also changes the service language. The service can now be used with your selected language. 

3. Language preference can be anytime from the pages footer section or from main 'menu' -bar on the far right hand side corners of the page. In addition this preference is also stored in your web browser's local storage allowing also your browser to remember your last language selection. 

Not registered user - A visitor

When you access our service, with any given language URL, the language is automatically changed to your last preference. Our system gets your preference from your web browser local storage, unless you have emptied your local storage recently (cache)

NOTE: Event and other content is always displayed in language they were published. Some content creators may create their content in different languages but the default language is your selected language. If it is not available content is displayed in English. If English is not available the content is displayed on language it was originally created.